Maison Blanche Label Stencil

  • Maison Blanche Label Stencil
  • Maison Blanche Label Stencil
  • Maison Blanche Label Stencil

-Entire design size: 358mm x 265mm (14"x10.4")
-Please review the design size in the main photos description
All measurements are approximate
-Reusable stencil (you can use it over and over again)

Stencils for decoration you can use on any surface texture. Using the original screen image you without spending much time and effort will be able to update the cladding on the walls and ceiling, simple repeating patterns will transform the look of a room, will add creativity and will allow you to create a personalized and fashionable design.

Stencil is great for all types of crafting!
Stencils are far superior to vinyl wall stickers (decals) as a stencil can be reused over and over again to seamlessly decorate a whole room and further more you can do it in an exact colour of your choice that complements your interior. There are many other uses for your stencil so use your imagination and personalise T-shirts, Bags even furniture... the possibilities are endless!


The stencil has been cut from 0.25mm(10mil, 250 micron thickness) transparent plastic film which is The fact that it's thickness allows for close contact with the surface you are stenciling yielding the best results. Our stencils are reusable, washable and flexible so they can be used for stenciling on curved as well as flat surfaces. They are suitable for use with all types of paints including spray paint and roller and brush. This is not a vinyl wall sticker (decal).

Stenciling on Fabric: Use stencil fabric paints or simply add Textile Medium (available at the craft store) to any acrylic paint to make it suitable for fabric stenciling. Use stencils on tablecloths, curtains, pillows, placemats, and more.

Stencils on Furniture: Stencils are ideal for adding pattern to almost any hard surface, including furniture. Transform a tabletop, chest of drawers, or cabinet door with paint and stencils. Protect stenciled furniture with multiple coats of water-based varnish to protect your stencil art from normal wear and tear.


Always practice on cardboard or poster board to get a feel for how much paint or pressure to use, and to try out color combinations.
Before beginning any stenciling project, it is important that the wall surface be prepared properly. It is best to stencil walls that are as smooth as possible. If the wall is not smooth the stencil will not produce clean, crisp designs.

Our stencils can be used in an infinite number of ways, places, and combinations. With thousands of design possibilities, RoyalWallSkins makes your design projects affordable while encouraging maximum creativity!

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We make customizable stencils.
If you want to change stencil size or make new image stencils, just let me know you want and we can make it whatever you want.
(Within certain size limitations, we can enlarge or reduce the sizes of our pre-existing designs, Custom sizes are available on request)